Pastor’s Pen 10th March 2019

Shalom. Let God instil in you a quiet confidence that he will always be near.

The Gospel of John finishes with Jesus asking Peter if he loves him. Three times Peter affirms his answer. Seems a bit unfair at first… but three times Peter denied him the night he was betrayed by Judas… sometimes when we answer something multiple times it reinforces the truth in us.
Try it yourself… ask yourself do you love Jesus?
Then consider the tag along Jesus gave,
Feed my lambs, take care of my sheep, feed my sheep. 
Lambs are baby sheep… Jesus is encouraging Peter, and us, to feed those young in the faith good food… to help them grow healthy and strong, then look after everyone and lastly feed every one… regardless of age or maturity,  including ourselves. 
This is a reminder to us that mentoring others is an essential part of being a follower of Jesus. And being mentored is the same requirement. 
Bit like raising kids, I treat my lads differently now they’re all young men than I did when they were preschoolers or children or teenagers. 
So remember that God loves you just the way you are. But He refuses to leave you that way, He wants you to be just like Jesus… He asks us to do the same to others.

Bless ya
Pastor Mike