Pastor’s Pen 10th May 2020

Shalom. Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you daily in your understanding of God’s word.
Our God is indefinable in the sense he has no limitations. Whilst we may have some definition of his character and his nature we cannot put him in a box.
Often I see people yearning for the supernatural aspects of God to manifest at any time things become difficult or different. Such a time as this pandemic is no exception. Can God make this virus go away like a miracle’? Of course he can… but he hasn’t.
Can God cure people who are ill, not just with this virus, but a multitude of other sicknesses and diseases? Yes, I believe he can, and sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn’t.
Can God make everything nice and pleasant, fluffy and nice. Yes he could, but he is very unlikely to in my experience.
You see adversity can deepen us, it can mould us, it can test us, it builds perseverance and develops character.
We see hard times as hard… fair enough… but to be treated as a safety and health issue and therefore we need to eliminate, minimize or isolate the effects far from us.

Don’t think I’m saying we should pursue hard times, no, we shouldn’t. But we should be prepared for them to happen, we should expect them and we should accept them when they come.
We shouldn’t view them necessarily as a punishment for something we have done wrong (though they might be a consequence of them). Often hard times, such as many have experienced recently and may continue to as the ramifications of the pandemic and ensuing lockdown continue, aren’t directly attributable to something we have done. In cases like this we tend to hold God responsible, we even call them ‘acts of God’, and ultimately that is true. God is always sovereign but often we have a collective responsibility to issues that no one person is responsible for.
Why are there literally millions of people starving in the world? There is enough food, we just don’t distribute it equally.
Why are millions of people living in poverty? There’s enough wealth, but it’s distributed unfairly.
God could supernaturally intervene because he is a supernatural God, but he’s also the God of the natural and chooses to allow us to seek the answers.
Have you heard the line… Your often the answer to your own prayer… Often we see a need (plenty of times because of hardship) and we bring it to God in prayer.
The challenge for each of us is that normally we seek someone to answer our concern because we have no idea how to do it in our own skin.
We as a little church in Whitianga can’t solve world hunger or poverty… but we can make a difference in our community, our local and global community. We can’t help everyone, but we can help someone. We can’t provide for every need, but we can provide some needs.
It was so amazing to see what happened with the resources we were able to send to Fiji recently as they grappled with the consequences of the recent storm… we couldn’t get them everything, but we helped them with something.
And we should, because Jesus’ love compels us to… even if, or especially when, it’s hard.
Maybe we could help our neighbors or workmates. Maybe there are people who are really missing their family… I know I am. We can’t fix that, but we could let them know we understand what’s it like because we have those feelings too and we care.
Maybe we could drop a card off to someone… join our neighbors for a drink in the street… plan a celebration for when we can actually get together and feast?
Maybe we could do something?
Because even a little can go a long way, I saw that in Fiji and I’d love to be able to see how else we can. You see, the more we get involved, the more we can see where God is at work.

Have a great week and have fun trying something to answer your prayers.

Bless ya
Pastor Mike