Pastor’s Pen 13th January 2019

Shalom. May God remind you that everything is under his eye. That all that happens can work for good.
This weekend sees Nicky Moran performing her prison gospel concert on Saturday night. A question asked is ‘What is prison gospel?’
  Well I’m sure Nicky would have a better answer but I said…
‘It’s understanding the context of incarceration… those people don’t have a lot of free choices about when and where they’ll go or do. But ironically, it’s the choices they’ve made, whether wittingly or not, that have led them to this point in their lives. They’re in prison, but sometimes the worst prison is the one we put ourselves in…’

Jesus came to give us freedom and hope. So no matter what situation, circumstances or place you find yourself, hope and freedom is available. We don’t need to imprisoned by attitudes, addictions or actions. It may not be easy but we can seek freedom and hope.
On Wednesday night I found out that one of my brothers was in a serious accident… struck from behind whilst riding his hand cycle. He’s a paraplegic and hasn’t allowed the accident that caused him to be in a wheelchair… a cycling accident… to stop him from doing the things he loves, and he loves exercise. 
He’s currently in a coma in Christchurch hospital so I’d really appreciate any and all prayers.

Bless ya
Pastor Mike