Pastor’s Pen 15th March 2020

Shalom. Let the truth of God’s love be the release of fear and needing acceptance.

We all know God loves us… or I hope we do. It’s something that has been ingrained in our society due to our christian heritage. But when the revelation of this love first appeared about two thousand years ago, it was considered odd.
The gods of old mythology (who are still worshipped by some today) were seen as capricious and inconsistent in their dealings with man. They loved humanity when they felt like it, and this was the importance of worship… If something went wrong it was because you’d offended them somehow. They were unpredictable and sulky… actually they were a lot like us.
Into this strode a new way of life, of worship, of belief. It was freeing and it was powerful. Demons trembled and fled. People were healed and set free from illness, affliction and addiction. Families were restored. People started to live differently because of their belief in Jesus.
You see Jesus changed things… he still does, if we ask him… give him room to help us change, truly seek how he wants us to live.
But, sometimes we struggle with the process, we try to go back to the way things were because that’s what we know, what is familiar.
Interesting word familiar… same root as the word family… familia a Latin word that can mean household servants.
We like to stick with what we grew up with…. it becomes family to us.
But when Jesus came we were offered and accepted adoption into a new family.
So it makes sense we discover new ‘familiar’ ways to be and do life.
How has Jesus changed your life this week?
More forgiving, gracious and loving? Less driven to be busy? It’s going to be different for everyone.

Bless ya
Pastor Mike