Pastor’s Pen 17th May 2020

Shalom. Remember that you are never truly alone, Jesus is always with you.

We’re on the cusp of moving to level 2 as I write this and whilst it will bring quite a few changes to how we function, it doesn’t yet allow us back into our Sunday morning gatherings together in our building. Instead we will be having house groups available for up to 10 maximum (dependent on the size of the house) and are even now (Wed morning) still trying to organise them. We’re getting there and hope to be able to include all those who are keen to be involved. Look out for more information coming…
Whatever happens, if you are feeling unwell please do not attend a house group. Also, if you are immune compromised, it may be better to wait for a bit longer before mingling with a larger group.
I’ve had some difficult moments this week myself. Part of it may be due to less beach walking as Lochy recuperates from another ear operation and is unable to swim. Part of it may be the wetter weather. Part of it may be missing everyone else… whatever it is, it’s been a struggle at times.
Psalm 46:10a says… Be still and know that I am God!
Sometimes that stillness can be difficult to achieve in your inner space as a hundred different situations vie for your attention… prayer needs, sermon ideas, relational challenges people face, intercession, illness, stresses, workplace situations, the list goes on…
In the midst of all of these good challenges, I sometimes struggle to be still. To hone in on that quiet voice, that whisper, that echo of divinity that anchors me in the storm of life.
Have you ever been out in a storm? It’s quite an amazing thing. Lochy and I have walked the beach in the middle of them and it can get tiring as you simply try to walk down the sand, the wind driving the rain into your face, leaking through your waterproof layers and chilling you slowly, though Lochy seems to be impervious to it and simply enjoys himself. It’s invigorating after you get out of the weather and dry off and are able to observe the weather beating the window instead of your face, the rain lashing the glass instead of your body and you feel the warmth seeping in to your core as the cold is defeated.
That’s kind of how I feel, when I can find that place to ‘Be still and know that I am God’.
It’s been a struggle to get there this week, but I’m discovering it slowly.
I pray you can be sheltered from the storms that may pass your way. Whatever they may be.

Bless ya
Pastor Mike