Pastor’s Pen 19th April 2020

Shalom. May you continue to know God’s presence and peace during this time.
As I sit here looking at the rain I’m reminded that things continue on irregardless of how we as a humanity are coping with the lock down. The sun rises and sets, the earth hurtles through it’s path around the Sun, allowing the seasons to change and weather patterns to emerge.
Animals, birds, whales and fish continue the migrations they have been doing since time began. Trees, plants and algae are continuing their life cycles and nature is largely unaffected by this little virus…
One good aspect of this COVID-19 pandemic has been the massive overnight reduction in pollution that we contribute. Air travel has been vastly reduced, cruise ships will be viewed much more circumspectly, at least by me. Maybe we’ll see kiwis travelling more of NZ instead of embarking on an overseas trip?
I don’t know what things will look like in a year, but I do hope they will look different in a better way…
I hope we appreciate each other more. My introverted side has enjoyed being in its bubble, but I do miss being able to sit with people over a coffee, to walk beaches with whoever I meet oblivious to the need to maintain social distance and to simply go for a drive because I can.
I hope I don’t get as busy. Our society values busyness and correlates it with success. The more I can cram into a day, the more productive I am… Really? Is that necessarily true? I think we should use our time well, but often we can find ourselves using people and treasuring things.I hope and will try to endeavour to have a deeper appreciation of who is around me and a better understanding of how I may share the blessings I know through my walk with Jesus.
I hope we have more small groups operating. As we head down the levels we will be able to venture into smaller gatherings, hopefully we will have more information as things continue to evolve. As this happens I will be encouraging more spaces and places for gathering where we can worship together, listen to each other, receive input and encouragement through Gods word and prayer.
I really admire what Paul Henwood is doing with his group at Matarangi… well done my friend!
Either way, it’s likely going to be a while before we meet together on a Sunday back at 112 Cook Drive. But we will.

Pastor Mike