Pastor’s Pen 21st April 2019

Shalom. Allow God to be God, this means accepting mystery and wonder, mercy and grace.
If you’ve been around church and read the bible as long as I have, you may find much of the gospel story can lose its mystery, wonder, mercy and grace because we live with it and it’s becomes normalised, we become familiar with the stories, familiar with the miracles.
Thing is, those stories and miracles aren’t meant to be confined to history, they’re meant to show us that the gospel, the good news that God sent His son to restore us to relationship with God, is still relevant today and so are those miracles.
I’ve been enjoying reading the gospels lately and trying to do it as though it’s the first time I’ve ever done so. To imagine and to recapture that sense of amazement on first discovering that Jesus turned water into wine, that he healed a blind man, a cripple by a pool, a bleeding woman, a leper, feeding 5000 or setting a demoniac free.
I’ve been enjoying trying to imagine how much their lives would have been impacted, changed and redirected.
The blind man could now work, the cripple wouldn’t have to be totally dependent on others to get him around, that woman with the bleeding issue, those lepers… wow… they could take part in society, they were ‘people’ again.
Their miracle wasn’t just a physical one, it was emotional, it was spiritual and it fundamentally changed how they were identified and treated.
I love the story of the Leper in Matthew 8 and how Jesus reached out and touched him.
Did he have to do that?
Many who were healed weren’t touched; in fact Jesus wasn’t even there when the Roman Centurion servant was healed and that was straight after this incident with the Leper.
Why did Jesus touch him?
Maybe this was a person who for years had been denied touch because of his illness, maybe he had a family, kids he’d been unable to hug, a wife he couldn’t embrace, a house he couldn’t inhabit, he was basically dead to them.
Perhaps he’d not known a gentle touch for years.
Then Jesus touched him!
He was healed, but I think on more levels than just the physical.
What do you think?
I pray this week the miraculous doesn’t become familiar.

Bless ya
Pastor Mike