Pastor’s Pen 28th April 2019

Shalom. I trust your Easter weekend was good and Anzac went well.
I’ve been thinking about the question of ‘How do I hear the voice of God?’ a very good question to ask and consider. While there are many different ways to grow in our appreciation, understanding and awareness of Gods voice speaking to us, it’s often good to go back to some of the basics, to make sure you’re tuned into the right frequency, because often that’s the problem; we’re not on the same wavelength. In the Waikato, Life FM broadcasts on 94.6 FM, if I want to listen to it and I often do when I’m there, then my radio needs to be tuned to that frequency. If I insist on tuning it to 99.3, I’ll hear ‘The Breeze’; perfectly okay to listen to most of the time, but if I want to hear LifeFM, I’ve got to tune in. It’s no different with God, there’s heaps of things that strive for your attention, many conflicting voices competing for our attention, telling us what to do, where to go, what to watch, how to behave, who to trust etc…
How do I hear God in the midst of this? How do I hear his whisper in the howling wind? A good place to start is by considering what you already know He wants you to do…
Regularly take time to be with God. Talk to Him (we call it prayer).
Any relationship needs time and time spent together. If you’re feeling that God isn’t close, then I can guarantee you’re the one who needs to move closer – not Him! A good way to spend time thinking about and of and through and with God is by reading scripture.
Are you willing and able to share what God has done in your life?
Matt 28:18-20 is a famous verse known as the great commission; in it Jesus says we should go into all the world making disciples… and remember He’ll be with us always…
If we’re not sharing our faith, teaching others through our words and deeds of who Jesus is and what He has done, then that might be why we don’t feel He’s there or we’re able to hear Him. Are you genuinely seeking to do this (I don’t mean doing it just because it’s the right thing to do, but because you actually want to)?
If you are growing in these areas then you will begin to discern His will.
This takes a lifetime, but begins with the first step. Hope you enjoy your walk with Jesus.

Bless ya
Pastor Mike