Pastor’s Pen 29th September 2019

Shalom. Allow God to rise you up and allow the Spirit of the Lord to set you free.
Monday and Tuesday saw me in Waikeria prison helping a friend with Gospel Concerts for the inmates. On Sunday I’ll be in Rangipo, then over the rest of the week visiting Hawkes Bay, Manawatu and Whanganui prisons. If you’re interested in learning more then come on Friday 18th October and hear Nicky Moran give a concert at our place of worship.
I’ve been reminded that the most common prison people find themselves incarcerated in is the one on their own head… bound by unforgiveness, bitterness, anger and regret.
The best way to break free is for Jesus to set you free. It’s as simple as asking him to help and then daily seeking him and remaining in his grace.
The key is to recognize his voice whispering amongst the noise of other voices clamoring for your attention. Learn to discern that voice and tune into it. There may be times he speaks through circumstances, other times his written word, other times his spirit, other times through people… but he will speak.
I pray you succeed in hearing his counsel, heeding his advice and accepting his discipline.

Bless ya
Pastor Mike