Pastor’s Pen 30th December 2018

Shalom. I hope the freshness of a New Year and opportunities for beginning again reflect in the choices and habits you adopt in this year starting now.
Wow, 2018 is nearly gone… I expect that some of you will be thinking about New Year resolutions, probably around not eating so much and more exercise, I know I do. May I challenge you with some I’m thinking of  trying out.
To feast more – on God’s word, to exercise more  – faith  in stepping out into opportunities and believing for greater things in God’s kingdom. 
We all say we believe in things to do with God; but unless they affect how we behave and live then that belief is questionable. To be Jewish and believe meant that it fundamentally changed the way they lived; a belief was embraced at every level of life… mental, spiritual and physical.
I pray that this year you have opportunity to better live in harmony with God, yourself and others. It is my hope that our faith enriches and releases us to greater joy and passion and spills over into desires to serve and give from a well of joy and contentment. Will things still have hard times, will we know suffering, will there be times we’ll feel like throwing in the towel – Most likely Yes – but at those times may we know the support and encouragement of our Father and also those around us.
I trust those moments are few and far between and that you will sense the providence of God’s blessing in each moment.
May 2019 be a year to rejoice.

Bless ya
Pastor Mike