Pastor’s Pen 3rd May 2020

Shalom. Remember that God is aware of everything we face, and faces it with us.
In this lockdown situation it has been interesting in how it has affected people.
Most seem ok with the process but are pleased it’s going down and looking forward to seeing the guidelines ease more as time continues and COVID-19 infections stay minimal or none for the foreseeable future.
I have a sister in England who has been in lockdown since we were and will be till June! She’s a transplant patient with compromised immunity. Every time I remind myself that really, it’s pretty good here.
It’s easy to minimize the potential damage from this pandemic because, essentially that is what we have managed to do as a nation. I am concerned about the impact it will have on places in Africa and South East Asia and India where their health systems will collapse a lot faster than European countries did and it was bad enough there.
The reality is that it seems that NZ has dodged the bullet but much of the world is still experiencing the onslaught of this virus. We must ensure we do not dismiss the severity this time poses for our world.
In NZ there are families who are really struggling with the ramifications of the lockdown and the economic effect. I think of those addicted to various drugs who are struggling to get any supply. On one hand I think it’s good, but the consequences on those around them could be quite traumatic.
So I’m reminded that there is much we can pray for… even if our own little bubbles are bubbly, not everyone else is.
As usual there is much to be thankful for and much to intercede with.
Enjoy your time ahead with prayer, wisdom and insight.

Bless ya
Pastor Mike