Pastor’s Pen 6th January 2019

Shalom. May the truth of Christ be your surety, may the love of Christ be your hearts beat and may the wisdom of Christ lead your mind.

Love is one of those words we use far too often in ways that demean it and too infrequently in ways that empower it to greater heights of revelation and understanding. I can love my wife and ice cream at the same time, yet obviously the intent behind each is completely different.
Both the Greek and Hebrew had multiple words for love, and in some ways, so too does English. But the difference is that the ancient languages had specific words that meant specific aspects of ‘love’.
Love is a vital ingredient for life and without any we can literally die. This death might be one of succumbing completely to the inevitable end all face (unless Christ returns) or might be one that affects our mind, heart, soul before completing its passage in our body.
Yet in what can seem an oxymoronic situation, we are encouraged to die to find life, does this mean that in Christ we are to die for love? In one sense, yes; in another no – we are called to die so that through love we may yet live.
It was Christ’s love for us that led Him to the cross and kept Him there till He died. It was also the same love that resurrected Him from the grave. This power that gave Christ life again is now in us and is most ably demonstrated in the way that love is expressed among us; for Christ calls us to love one another as He loved us, and by this will all men know you are my disciples. (John 13:35)
This love propels us to a greater depth of holiness, of purity, of right living; but it must come from a base of grasping the essence of grace and remaining firmly aware of the continuing need for grace to fuel a character of spirit based life. Love based in grace and seeking holiness encourages us to embrace others without judgement of who they are, but allows us to be accountable for what we do. It is freeing and enabling at the same time as giving us boundaries and guidelines. Because this love is revealed through Christ and empowered through the reality of Holy Spirit as He draws us ever closer to Jesus.

I hope we grasp a deeper glimpse of love, grace and holiness this week.

Bless ya
Pastor Mike