Pastor’s Pen 9th December 2018

Shalom. Allow the festive season to remind you of the hope we have and the one who came.

Christmas is a time for love. It is when God the Father sent his Son in flesh to help sort us out of the mess we so often find ourselves in.
There were many ways Jesus could have come…
There were many places he could have arrived at…
But he fulfilled prophecy and was born in Bethlehem,  which at the time wasn’t much of a place… apparently very small. This was why they ran out of accommodation. Because the census caused hundreds if not thousands to descend on this little place that couldn’t cope. You would’ve thought God could have sorted better accommodation out for his Son.
No, Jesus was literally born into a mess. Imagine the sights, smells and sounds of the place? Cattle are lowing, sheep are bleating, donkeys braying. It would have been warmish at least. Smelly definitely.
This was where Jesus was born. Helps explain why he was so level headed I suppose, after all it was a stable environment!
May the run up to Christmas be fun and full not busy and stressed.

Bless ya
Pastor Mike