Whitianga Baptist Church

Welcome to the Whitianga Baptist Church. Each week we have a number of things going on. Below is the list of things that we do, but every now and then we have other events and activities going on which are put into the newsletter to keep everyone up-to-date and informed about what is going on.

  • Prayer Group – 1pm every Wednesday
  • Homegroup – In Town by the Waterways
  • Homegroup – Out Coroglen
  • Homegroup – Matarangi
  • Sunday Church (10am every Sunday)
  • Whiti Kids – Our Sunday School for the kids. For 3 to 10 year olds
  • Youth Group – For 13 to 18 year olds. Every Friday 6pm to 7:30pm
  • Coffee & Chat – 9am to 11am every Wednesday. Everyone is welcome!
  • Newsletter – Updated Weekly

Our Church

The Whitianga Baptist Church was established in the early 1980’s. Early in its life the section at 112 Cook Drive was acquired and a relocatable building to be put on to the site identified. The funds for the building were paid out but the building was never delivered. Despite this set back the church stepped out in faith and the present building was constructed and completed debt free.

This is considered to be somewhat a miracle as the funds were obtained and the building constructed by volunteers none of whom had building skills or experience.

The church has had its ups and downs with the ebb and flow of life. Times when the doors have struggled to stay open and times of excitement and growth. But we believe God planted our church and wants it to grow in impact for His kingdom.

We believe the Holy Spirit still speaks and ministers to us today and we desire to be led by him, grounded in the word and focused on Jesus as we seek to be a blessing for Whitianga and Mercury Bay.

We’re not a perfect church by any means, come along and you’ll find that out! But we try to be faithful, friendly and fun in how we live out and share the good news of Jesus.

The church has been served by a range of pastors called to the role in the past with varying degrees of success. There have been great teachers, pastors, counsellors, worship leaders, freedom of the Holy Spirit to move in the Church, youth groups and families, growth, congregation involvement, energy and enthusiasm. The Whitianga Baptist Church is part of the Baptist Union of New Zealand ( http://baptist.org.nz/ ) and the Waikato Baptist Association. ( http://waikatobaptist.org.nz/ ).